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Cup fillers

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Thanks to the acquisition of F. Fornaroli Srl, Vezzadini is now able to offer a full range of high quality filling and closing machines for edible fats and dairy products such as butter, processed cheese, yoghurt and dipping sauces.

With a production output capacity that reaches 20,000 cups/hour, that varies depending on the size of the containers, the machine model and on the characteristics of the product.

We paid a lot of attention to the speed and simplicity of size change.

The containers can be closed with a snap on lid with or without heat-sealed pre-cut aluminium foil or plastic film from a reel, guaranteeing the quality of the packed products.

The operator’s intervention has been minimized with the use of control systems to check the presence of cups, foils and lids.

We opted for developing, with particular attention, a series of specific dosers for each type of product, choosing between volumetric dosers, timed dosers, weight control dosers or with electronic control (mass or magnetic flow meters), all washable in C.I.P. It is also possible to configure the packaging machines with several dosers for the production of desserts.

Regardless of the model, the packaging machines can be combined with a checkweigher that automatically adjusts the doser, rejects any underweight packs and creates production statistics. The machines can be equipped with automatic cups or lids loaders. Product contamination can be reduced by fitting any of our filling and closing machines with HEPA filters.

The entire cycle is controlled by a PLC with full colour Touch-Screen interface which means the production parameters can be easily set intuitively, just like the alarm signals, which are immediate and intuitive, all supported by the help function. All packaging machines can be equipped with a modem for remote diagnostics.

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